Da Vincenzo Official Pasta Party



Ciao, my name is Vincenzo, welcome to my restaurant page. I was brought up in Italy in the tiny streets of Naples where I learned to perfect the art of great pizza & pasta at my grandmother’s knee.

My passion for great Italian food has taken me all over the world until my beautiful wife and I decided to settle in Ireland and our spiritual home of Limerick.

We Italians are warm and friendly by nature and I wanted to bring you some of the great cuisine of my country but also the wines – there are over 200 in stock and we have, with the help of the folks in Findlater Wines, come up with a few ideas for you to try as many as possible without breaking the bank! So, sit back, relax and savour the flavours and tastes I have collected from all over Italy for you to enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out my Parat Party taking place in the UL Sports arena at the Barringtons Hospital Great Limerick run Expo this may bank holiday weekend (28th and 29th April).

The pasta party will also be taking place in the restaurant for the entire week leading up to the run where there will be Pasta Party Specials for carb-loading  at Da Vincenzo Food and Wine Hall, Authentic Italian at The George Hotel Limerick.



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